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Product name: RLM Rotary crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-26

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sketch: 该机吸收先进刹车管的铆合设备技术,采用液压或伺服电机作动力源,各扣合爪尺寸可单独调整,也可同步进行调节,可以对产品进行多角度定位,对于软管总成的安装性较好,工装定位十分方便,是管路附件生产厂的理想设备之一。

product details


   The machine absorbs the advanced crimping equipment technology of brake pipe and uses hydraulic or servo motor as the power source. The size of each crimping claw can be adjusted separately or synchronously. It can position the product from multiple angles. It has good installation performance for hose assembly and convenient tooling positioning. It is one of the ideal equipment for pipeline accessory manufacturers.

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