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Product name: LMH04 Aluminum sleeve crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-26

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sketch: 该机的功能为将铝套通过铆合定位在铝管上。该机型有立卧两种,操作过程:将铝套及需要铆合的铝管自上而下放置,按动按钮,铝套及铝管自动铆合成形。它由主机部分、控制盘柜和一套固定工件的夹具组成。哈夫夹模根据不同的产品要求可快速更换,气液增压器可产生60000N挤压力,使用压缩空气,作动力源,能耗极低。操作部分可分

product details


The function of the machine is to position the aluminum sleeve on the aluminum pipe through riveting. This model has two types: vertical and horizontal. The operation process: place the aluminum sleeve and aluminum tube to be riveted from top to bottom, press the button, and the aluminum sleeve and aluminum tube will be riveted automatically. The utility model is composed of a host part, a control panel cabinet and a set of fixtures for fixing workpieces. The Haff clamping die can be quickly replaced according to different product requirements. The gas-liquid supercharger can produce 60000n extrusion force. Compressed air is used as the power source, and the energy consumption is very low. The operation part can be divided into automatic operation and automatic operation. The automatic cycle operation takes only 2 ~ 3 seconds at a time, with high efficiency and convenient adjustment. The mold is made of alloy steel and durable. It is an ideal equipment for aluminum pipe joint processing plant.

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