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Product name: YK Series crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-25

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sketch: 该机为中型扣合机的改进型,采用电磁换向阀,接近开关控制行程及脚踏开关,手动启动按钮双重启动,是汽车、拖拉机、摩托车等各类气制动软管,液压制动软管、机油软管,空调管、多节管,弯管接头总成的扣合专用设备,操作简单,调整方便,工作效率高,更换扣合模非常方便,是专业软管组装厂

product details

      The machine is an improved type of medium-sized crimping machine. It adopts electromagnetic directional valve, proximity switch to control travel and foot switch, and manual start button to double start. It is a special crimping equipment for all kinds of air brake hoses, hydraulic brake hoses, oil hoses, air conditioning pipes, multi section pipes and elbow joint assemblies such as automobiles, tractors and motorcycles. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment, high work efficiency and convenient replacement of buckle die, It is the ideal equipment for professional hose assembly factory.

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