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Product name: HM08/06 Double column crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-25

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sketch: 该机为中、重型工程钢丝编织软管扣合机,也适用于铁道机车制动管及汽车空调管的扣合,是片状扣合机,适用于各类复杂弯管系列的扣合,用途十分广泛,设计水平一流。操作简单,调整方便,更换模具非常方便,是中、重型软管组装厂的理想设备。

product details


   The machine is a medium and heavy engineering steel wire braided hose crimping machine. It is also suitable for the crimping of railway locomotive brake pipe and automobile air conditioning pipe. It is a sheet buckle machine. It is suitable for the crimping of various complex elbow series. It has a wide range of uses and first-class design level. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment and convenient replacement of molds. It is an ideal equipment for medium and heavy hose assembly plants.

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