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Product name: QHJ14-HUT Two position brazing machine

Release date: 2022-03-28

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sketch: 该机为采用先进的技术理念设计而成,用于汽车管路铝制接头零件的火焰自动钎焊之用,亦可用于其它材料的焊接。采用液化气(丙烷)或天然气作可燃烧气,风机强制空气混合成可燃气体,点燃后对铝制等零件进行钎焊,火焰柔和焊接质量高,钎焊时间可比较精确控制。该机由两工位组成,左、右工位为焊接位,带有大小火和水冷却,效

product details


The machine is designed with advanced technical concept. It is used for flame automatic brazing of aluminum joint parts of automobile pipeline, and can also be used for welding of other materials. Liquefied gas (propane) or natural gas is used as combustible gas, and the fan forces the air to mix into combustible gas. After ignition, braze aluminum and other parts with soft flame and high welding quality, and the brazing time can be accurately controlled. The machine is composed of two stations. The left and right stations are welding positions, with large and small fire and water cooling, high efficiency and energy saving.

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