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Product name: Flexure testing machine

Release date: 2022-04-08

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sketch: 该试验台设计依据汽车液压制动软管总成国家标准GB16897-2010或GB4784-84以及南京7425厂企业标准Q/7425 1020201-97,对于内径为Φ3.2,Φ4.8,Φ6.3,长度200~600mm的制动软管总成产品进行挠曲寿命试验。

product details


The design of the test-bed is based on the national standard gb16897-2010 or gb4784-84 of automobile hydraulic brake hose assembly and the enterprise standard Q / 7425 1020201-97 of Nanjing 7425 factory Φ 3.2, Φ 4.8, Φ 6.3 the flexible life test shall be conducted for the brake hose assembly with a length of 200 ~ 600mm.

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