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Product name: Burst test bench

Release date: 2022-04-08

Number of hits: 50

sketch: 该试验台用于软管总成耐压、爆破、体积膨胀长度变化等功能试验,适合于汽车软管,如:动力转向管、刹车管、空调管等管路。采用气源作动力源,具有调压回路,用水作试验介质也可以使用其它介质。增压器可将试验压力提高到200Mpa的压力上(需要定制压力)。与水接触之管路系统采用不锈钢材质。设置有压力表,配置压力调节器。爆

product details


         The test bench is used for pressure resistance, explosion, volume expansion, length change and other functional tests of hose
assembly. It is suitable for automotive hoses, such as power steering pipe, brake pipe, air conditioning pipe and other pipelines.
The air source is used as the power source, with a pressure regulating circuit. Water is used as the test medium, and other media
can also be used. The supercharger can increase the test pressure to 200MPa (customized pressure is required). The pipeline
system in contact with water is made of stainless steel. A pressure gauge and a pressure regulator are set. There is a transparent
observation window on the blasting box cover, which is convenient to observe the test condition of the hose assembly during
The blasting test bench can be selected from ordinary type and computer type.

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