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Product name: Semi automatic hose cutting machine

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 此设备用于汽车制动软管、空调软管、动力转向软管等橡胶软管切割之用,切割机头卧式结构的特点,操作方便,目视好,右侧配有盘管上料架,管材长短由定位器调整,有长度标尺,定位器带有触发开关,切割的动力源采用气缸控制,气源压力调整在5bar,是管路总成厂 必备的设备之一。可以订购在切管的同时带有划线装置。

product details


      This equipment is used for cutting rubber hoses such as automobile brake hose, air conditioning hose and power steering hose.
The horizontal structure of the cutting machine head has the characteristics of convenient operation and good visual inspection.
The right side is equipped with a coil loading frame. The length of the pipe is adjusted by the positioner, with a length scale, and
the positioner is equipped with a trigger switch. The cutting power source is controlled by the cylinder, and the air source
pressure is adjusted at 5bar. It is one of the necessary equipment for the pipeline assembly factory.

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