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Product name: Automatic hose cutting machine

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 该设备用于汽车制动软管、空调软管、动力转向管等橡胶软管的切割之用。采用数控技术,伺服电机驱动,根据编码器反馈的信息运行,具有快慢放线,储线,连接头判断,牵引压紧及辅助气缸压紧,带有划线装置,切口平直,精度高,自动运行的特点,是管路总成厂的理想设备之一。

product details


   The equipment is used for cutting rubber hoses such as automobile brake hose, air conditioning hose and power steering pipe. It adopts numerical control technology, driven by servo motor and operates according to the information fed back by the encoder. It has the characteristics of fast and slow setting out, wire storage, connector judgment, traction and compression and auxiliary cylinder compression. It is equipped with marking device, straight incision, high precision and automatic operation. It is one of the ideal equipment for pipeline assembly factory.

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