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Product name: Power steering pipe pressure test bench

Release date: 2022-03-31

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sketch: 本设计方案采用先进理念的高压油管(动力转向油管)密封性试验台的原理与配置,该设备为生产在线检测100%检验。采用计算机或PLC触摸屏控制,良好的人机界面,管路的压力降和检测时间可根据不同的产品进行设定。采用快速接头对动力转向管两端进行快速装夹,工艺流程为:安装→清洗、排气→充压→保压试验→吹干排

product details


   The design scheme adopts the principle and configuration of the advanced high-pressure oil pipe (power steering oil pipe) sealing test-bed. The equipment is 100% inspection for production on-line inspection. Computer or PLC touch screen control, good man-machine interface, pipeline pressure drop and detection time can be set according to different products. The quick connector is used to quickly clamp both ends of the power steering pipe. The process flow is: installation → cleaning and exhaust → pressure charging → pressure maintaining test → blow dry and drain → unloading.

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