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Product name: Brake hose pressure test bench

Release date: 2022-03-31

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sketch: 本设计方案采用先进理念的刹车管保压试验台的结构原理与配置,该设备为生产在线产品检测的100%检验。采用人机界面触摸屏与PLC控制,具有良好的控制界面及稳定的过程检测。一次检测20(30)个刹车管产品,快速装夹、封堵。工艺过程:安装→充液、排气→充压→保压→排液、吹干→卸下。

product details

         The design scheme adopts the structural principle and configuration of the brake pipe pressure maintaining test-bed with advanced concept. The equipment is 100% inspection of production online product inspection. It adopts man-machine interface, touch screen and PLC control, with good control interface and stable process detection. Test 20 (30) brake pipe products at a time and quickly clamp and block them. Process: installation → liquid filling and exhaust → pressure filling → pressure maintaining → liquid drainage and drying → removal.

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