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Product name: QHJ19-ES Multipoint and multi station brazing machine with servo

Release date: 2022-03-28

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sketch: 该多工位自动钎焊机用于汽车管路铝制接头零件的火焰自动钎焊之用,亦可用于其它材料的焊接。采用液化气或天然气作可燃烧气,混合一定比例的空气,形成的混合气点燃后即可对铝制等零件进行多点多工位钎焊,钎焊温度稳定可靠。采用PLC作中央处理器,对钎焊机进行控制,火焰柱刚性大小、钎焊时间、冷却时间均可比较精确地调整,

product details


The multi station automatic brazing machine is used for flame automatic brazing of aluminum joint parts of automobile pipeline, and can also be used for welding of other materials. Liquefied gas or natural gas is used as combustible burning gas and mixed with a certain proportion of air. After the mixture is ignited, multi-point and multi station brazing can be carried out on aluminum and other parts, and the brazing temperature is stable and reliable. PLC is used as the central processor to control the brazing welding machine. The rigidity of flame column, brazing time and cooling time can be adjusted accurately, and the consistency of welding quality is good. The welding efficiency of the machine is high, and the conversion time between stations is about 3 seconds. It is one of the necessary equipment for pipe fittings factory.

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