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Product name: CKH03 Type C crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 该机为中型扣合机,C型开口,径向尺寸较短,轴向尺寸也较小,所以特别适用于复杂弯管、空调管、动力转向管的扣合,该机也可扣合汽车、拖拉机、摩托车等各类汽制动软管、液压制动软管,操作简单,调整方便,更换模具非常方便,是软管组装厂的理想设备。

product details


The machine is a medium-sized crimping machine with C-shaped opening, short radial size and small axial size, so it is especially suitable for crimping complex elbow, air conditioning pipe and power steering pipe. The machine can also buckle all kinds of steam brake hose and hydraulic brake hose such as automobile, tractor and motorcycle. It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient adjustment and convenient mold replacement. It is an ideal equipment for hose assembly plant.

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