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Product name: LKS08 Vertical opening crimping machine

Release date: 2022-03-22

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sketch: 该机是目前比较先进的扣合机,经过我公司设计人员的精心设计,外观、操作性、质量、可加工性均有很大提高,特别适用于汽车空调软管、复杂弯管、多节管的扣合,液压采用双泵控制,速度快、效率高、操作站采用人机界面触摸屏,许多参数可设定可调整,更换模具也很方便,是汽车管路生产厂的理想设备之一。

product details


This machine is an advanced crimping machine at present. Through the careful design of our designers, the appearance, operability, quality and processability have been greatly improved. It is especially suitable for the crimping of automobile air conditioning hoses, complex bends and multi section pipes. The hydraulic pressure is controlled by two pumps, with high speed and efficiency. The operation station adopts man-machine interface touch screen, many parameters can be set and adjusted, and it is also convenient to replace the mold, It is one of the ideal equipment for automobile pipeline factory.

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