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Product name: High speed rail track hose processing line

Release date: 2022-04-11

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sketch: 本高铁轨道软管加工线用于轨道交通客箱间连接软管的加工,设计为半自动模式,人工上料,自动装配接头和扣压,本机为两端同时进行加工,带有扣压尺寸自动检测功能。提高了工作效率,减轻了人员劳动强度,提升了产品的质量。

product details

        The high-speed rail hose processing line is used for the processing of connecting hoses between rail transit passenger boxes. It is designed as a semi-automatic mode, manual feeding, automatic assembly of joints and crimping. The machine is processed at both ends at the same time, with the function of automatic detection of crimping size. It improves the work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of personnel and improves the quality of products.

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