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Product name: Automatic assembly line of automobile brake hose

Release date: 2022-04-11

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sketch: 本刹车软管自动加工线用于刹车软管和接头的装配、扣压,产品两端同时进行,左右接头可以定向,可以对相似产品进行操作,本线带有装配接头位置的图像检测功能,配置有一台机器人,总成加工时间约12秒,可代替多人的繁重劳动,提高了工作效率和质量。

product details

        The automatic brake hose processing line is used for the assembly and crimping of brake hose and connector. Both ends of the product are carried out at the same time. The left and right connectors can be oriented and can operate similar products. The line has the image detection function of assembly connector position and is equipped with a robot. The assembly processing time is about 12 seconds, which can replace the heavy labor of many people and improve the work efficiency and quality.

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