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Product name: Punching machine

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 此设备用于铝管的冲孔之用,冲孔机结构新颖,操作方便,目视好,配有铝屑计数功能,铝屑不会残留在铝管内,孔口光滑,无毛刺,加工完成后无需清洁即可进行了下道工序的生产。冲孔的动力源采用气缸控制,气源压力调整在5bar,是管路总成厂 必备的设备之一。

product details


This equipment is used for punching aluminum pipe. The punching machine has novel structure, convenient operation and good visual. It is equipped with aluminum chip counting function. Aluminum chips will not remain in the aluminum pipe. The orifice is smooth and burr free. After processing, the next process can be carried out without cleaning. The power source of punching is controlled by cylinder, and the air source pressure is adjusted at 5bar. It is one of the necessary equipment for pipeline assembly factory.

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