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Product name: Single head coating machine

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 该设备采用先进的理念设计研制而成,该设备由单头涂装机和干燥机组成,用于铝制空调管管件端部涂胶之用。单头涂装机:该机适应于直管、弯管、长管等各种复杂管件的涂装,胶液自动添加,涂装一个端部约2~3S,脚踏开关动作一次,涂装一次。 干燥机:该机设计为回转式(转盘直径约Φ950)共计32个工位

product details


The equipment is designed and developed with advanced concept. The equipment is composed of single end coating machine and dryer. It is used for gluing the end of aluminum air conditioning pipe fittings. Single head coating machine: the machine is suitable for coating various complex pipe fittings such as straight pipe, elbow and long pipe. The glue liquid is added automatically. One end is coated for about 2 ~ 3S. The foot switch acts once and the coating is applied once. Dryer: the dryer is designed to be rotary (the diameter of the rotary table is about) Φ 950) there are 32 stations in total, which are divided into three areas: feeding area, high-temperature drying area and cold air area. The hot air power is 6kW, the heating temperature is adjustable to 200 ℃, and the rotating speed of rotary table is 0.1 ~ 0.53r/min.

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