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Product name: Leak detection machine water

Release date: 2022-03-10

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sketch: 该水检工作台用于汽车空调管总成管路或相似产品水检漏,一次可装夹4-6根空调管总成,举升的气缸采用双作用气缸,带有节流器并有磁性开关,升降速可调,运行平稳。采用PLC控制,充氮气或干燥高压气保压时间控制,精确到0.1S且时间可调,控制过程:安装好管件→按下启动按钮→工作部位下降→打开充气至压力→延时(可设定)→

product details


The water inspection workbench is used for water leakage detection of automobile air conditioning pipe assembly pipeline or similar products. 4-6 air conditioning pipe assemblies can be clamped at one time. The lifting cylinder adopts double acting cylinder, with throttle and magnetic switch. The lifting speed is adjustable and the operation is stable. PLC control is adopted, and the pressure holding time of nitrogen filling or dry high-pressure gas is controlled, accurate to 0.1s and the time is adjustable. The control process: install the pipe fittings → press the start button → lower the working part → open the inflation to the pressure → delay (settable) → discharge and pressure relief → rise the working part. It is one of the necessary equipment for pipe fittings factory.

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